Saturday, September 4, 2010

Technology’s Promise

This week, like previous weeks, I’ve been asked to analyze predictions of the future in technology. Specifically, I’m reading “Technology’s Promise”, by William E. Hala. I’ll start this post with a quote from his book that I love, “Anticipating the future is more fascinating that marveling at the past.” (Hala, pg 146)

The prediction I would like to evaluate is what Hala calls “Crisis of Maturity”. In this prediction he says that the world will soon mature to industrialization. Here he’s talking about the second and third world countries catching up to where the US and other world powers are now. This will most likely be a fragile time in the future of humanity. If every nation in the world has the technology to destroy it (weapons of mass destruction) and pollution ravaging the Earth’s environment, we may find ourselves at a quick demise. Hala predicts this might be where the world is in the year 2030. That’s a very horrifying thought.

However, if we can unite as one species, Hala predicts a Global Order will arise from the fall out. I'd like to know what the rest of the world thinks about these predictions. Comment here

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